Help The Homeless Backpack Project – Amy Walsh

It’s my pleasure to introduce Amy Walsh and her project as our very first good cause we will be supporting.

Amy has created Help The Homeless Backpack Project to give hope to our brothers and sisters suffering on our streets. With winter fast approaching, it can get cold on the streets, Amy’s backpacks are filled with the essentials to get them through the tough times and give a little hope, it’s a fantastic project that i’m proud to be able to support.

Don’t Judge The Homeless

I clearly remember the frustration. Things hadn’t worked out the way I had envisaged!

Let me take you to the eighties.

I was studying for a degree in architecture and taking my usual walk through Plymouth city centre. As I walked through an underpass I spotted a homeless man. For some reason that morning I didn’t avert my eyes and march straight pass. Instead I caught his eye and immediately reached into my pocket for some coins. In an instance I gave him a couple.