After only 2 days here, already I can see why everyone talks about the Nepali people in such high regard. Since arriving in the village in Thangpalkot 1, the worst hit region in all of Nepal! I have been blown away at the resilience of the people here. 86 homes were destroyed by the earthquake on 25th April 2015, leaving only 6 standing.

I was introduced to a young man Hrizten from the village whom my friend John Saboe had met on his travels in Nepal. This future leader has welcomed me to his home and all the villagers were waiting on my arrive, which to me wasn’t necessary but very humbling at the same time. The views I wake up to are spectacular here, with the snow capped himalayas, I don’t think life gets much better than this.

I am here to help with an organisation I founded to help as many people around the world as possible.

After consulting with the village and encouraging them to pull together as a community to show the world exactly what life is like here in the mountains affected by the earthquakes. I suggested we help the most vulnerable first by rebuilding their homes, with all 86 homes rebuilt over time and when funds are raised.

Village gathering to discuss rebuild

I am so proud to be starting the first rebuild. Watch over the next few days as it develops. The image below shows handing over the deposit for the first home to the local merchant who will get the materials and start immediately.

Handing over deposit for first home

Handing over deposit for first home

The homes cost approximately $2000 a cost that I believe is good considering the lives that will be improved.

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