Two men share one goal, being No.1 on the Periscope chart.

In the west you have a Canadian twerker (stupid dance) that encourages you to smash the screen till your finger bleeds and from the middle east you have Fahad who doesn’t speak English but rocks about just being cool. Both at time of writing this have surpassed the 30million heart mark. And with Android coming on just a few days ago. My prediction is that they will both surpass 100million hearts within 1 month.

The periscope battle from @NuttBallJr point of view
What makes this battle so funny is the supporters. One guy in particular Christopher Culver @NuttBallJr. I’m not sure exactly how I found Christopher, however I watched him not only tear Santoro a new hole but create something entertaining, more entertaining than either of those top 2 Periscopers. This guy was hilarious, I was in stiches as he worshiped king Fahad.

He is clearly having fun with Periscope and I think this is what I believe a lot of you will want to see. Not desperados wanting all your hearts to play the game.

What does your audience really want?
Like anything we consume, whether it be on TV, blogs, radio, podcasts or from our friends. We enjoy getting entertained, personally I like a good laugh, and love hearing about others life journeys.

We want to feel the passion, hear the authenticity, we want to beileve we can be part of the journey, we want to smile and feel happy with what we are consuming.

Give your audience this and you will keep the audience engaged and you will soon be on your way to getting more hearts, without even asking for them.

My experiences so far? @EntrepreneurOAJ
I have enjoyed the initial few broadcasts. I personally have been sharing my adventures and just random funny stuff I see along the way. In the future I will share my personal journey and show you how you can live the same kind of nomad lifestyle.

First broadcast
Your first Periscope broadcast can be a little nervy, you really are unsure how the whole Periscope thingy works and whether anyone will even listen to what you have to say. The truth is people will come in and out of your broadcast, as thats the nature of the beast. So embrace it, don’t worry if you mess up it’s all part of learning.

Share what you love, the things that make you happy just share with the world. Just remember to speak. I have connected to so many broadcasts only to find the person sitting there looking straight into the camera saying nothing. Whats funny is the people giving hearts for this. So ultimately if someone can sit and say nothing and get some love, be rest assured whatever you broadcast it will be accepted by someone, I can almost guarantee you that you have an audience, just keep broadcasting and the masses will find you.

Periscope is here to stay
Like it or not Periscope is epic!! and here to stay for the foreseeable. As for Meerkat… who knows! that’s another battle I may talk about in the future. For now I can’t see past the goliath of Periscope, mainly because its a Twitter application.

If you want to follow the 3 guys I mentioned on twitter you will get updates to there broadcasts.

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