Leaving Scotland in 2015, I wanted to work and do good by helping others and good causes as I travelled.

Having suffered from depression at home, this personal journey has been the perfect medicine.

Starting in a place I now call home, Vietnam is close to my heart. I travelled from north to south on a motorbike covering 3000km. It was the most EPIC journey you could imagine!

I wanted to make a difference in this world, by inspiring others to do what they love whilst giving to others on their own journeys.

Using my laptop, I can work anywhere… The most extreme work environment so far was up in the Nepali Himalayas.

Using Periscope live streaming app, I reached 100’s of thousands of people, enabling me to raise enough money to rebuild 8 homes destroyed by the earthquake of 2015, all 184 of the local school children were also given all the essentials for free education for a year.

Today (2018), I’m settled in Vietnam, and proud to call it my home, I teach English part-time and enjoy life as much as I can, writing when I can.

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